Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small file made up of letters and numbers that is downloaded onto a device when a person visits a website. These cookies are used to improve your experience, for example we will use the information to:

Measure how many people use our website to keep it running quickly and efficiently
Analyse how people use the site so we can make sure we provide the best possible service for our customers

Cookies cannot be used to:

Extract information from your device

Types of cookies

There are a number of different types of cookies; session cookies, persistent cookies, first party cookies and third party cookies.

Session cookies: These cookies link your actions on a website to our data system and are used for a number of reasons such as remembering what you've put into your shopping basket while browsing the site. The session cookies expire as soon as the browser is closed so no information is stored permanently.

Persistent cookies: These cookies remember your preferences or actions across a website and help us to provide you with information that is relevant to you in the future. The information collected can be used to track actions across multiple browser sessions and may be used to make advertising more relevant to you.

First party cookies: These cookies are set and handled directly by Maison la Besse, they cannot be accessed or read by any other website.

Third party cookies: These are cookies that we have given a separate website permission to use on Maison la Besse, these allow the separate website to record certain actions you take on Maison la Besse.

We further differentiate cookies by whether they are essential, required or optional.

Essential: Essential cookies are required for the site to function. These cannot be disabled, as they would seriously compromise the site's performance. For example, a session cookie that keeps a note of whether you are logged in is essential.

Required: Required cookies are different from essential cookies because the site would still function if they were removed.

Optional: These cookies are used to enable functions that are not essential, and not required.

What cookies do we use?

Cookie name: cartid
Session/first party
stores a unique reference number to identify your shopping basket
Required to place an order online or make a payment

Cookie name: uid
Persistent/first party
stores a unique reference number to identify yourself
Optional to recall your address details on future visits